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Est. 1994

Our Mission

At our business, we feel that servicing your computer shouldn’t be a hassle nor should it be one where customers feel apprehensive about the process. We know that your trust is in our hands and all we can say is that our reputation speaks for itself. We’ve served over 8000 customers and 400 small businesses since 1994 and can honestly say we’ve worked hard to make sure all their needs are as catered to as possible. In that time, we’ve learned there is only one way of doing business: do an honest job, at an honest price.

There are many retail/box stores that hardly provide personal service. And if they might come close to it, you’ll pay for it. As a small and local business, we operate very efficiently. It is for this reason that we’ll always remain much lower in our overall costs than the big guys and very competitive with respect to the small guys. We guarantee that.

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